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  •  400,000+ Active Records
  •  4,000+ Local Lodges
  •  Trusted Since 2004

MORI is the complete online fraternal and masonic membership management application for use by Fraternal Organizations integrating Grand Body, subordinate body, and fundraising functions into a unified clound-based system. MORI can help your Grand Body lower operaring expenses, eliminate errors, improve communication, and enforce your Constitution and By-Laws.

Lower Your Expenses

MORI lowers Grand Lodge expenses by eliminating routine paper handling. With MORI typical interactions with the local secretaries are handled electronically eliminating the cost associated with having your staff manually handle mailed in paper forms for registry events, degree events, NPDs and much more. This is just one of the ways MORI can help your Grand Jurisdiction save on expenses. Click below for more information.

Improve Your Operations

MORI improves operations by transparently enforcing your Constitution and By-Laws. MORI's Masonic rule engine knows what a secretary or a Grand Lodge staff member are allowed to do with a member's record and automatically enforces it. This decreases errors, increases understanding of the rules, and decreases the burden on Grand Lodge staff to enforce the rules and constantly fixing errors after the fact. MORI cleans up the errors and much more. Click below for more information.

Protect Your Data

MORI improves data integrity in multiple ways. First, MORI enforces data validations at the time of data entry. This keeps bad data out of the system. Second, we handle all back ups of data from the Grand Lodge level to the local body level. All data is backed up on a daily schedule to multiple geographical locations.

Our Service

Professional Setup

Our team handles all of the details of migrating your jurisdiction to MORI. We will migrate your data from your current system into MORI, setup your Constitutional rules, and more. Free setup is avaialble with some of our plans.

Run Your Grand Body

MORI includes all of the functionality to run the membership records for your jurisdiction. MORI handles member events, mailings, report, annual census, rosters, and much, much more.

Complete Lodge Management

Integrated with MORI is a full lodge management system. Each lodge secretary has a secure login to manage member records, addresses, phone numbers, dues payments, lodge disbursements, Secretaries can generate mailings lists, and reports. All the needs of a secretary are met by MORI.

Grand Lodge Fundraising

MORI includes a complete fundraising module for tracking donations made to your Masonic charities. You can attribute donations to campaigns, mailing pieces, attribute them to various sub-funds, make them in honor of persons and much more.

Comprehensive User Support

The MORI team provides comprehensive phone and email support to your jurisdictional staff and to every secretary that uses the system.

Protect Your Data

All of your data is hosted in a world class data center with the latest in protection. All systems are backed up locally and remotely. Your data is safe and every lodge's data is backed up.

Our Clients

  • Grand Lodge of Illinois
  • Grand Lodge of Massachussets
  • Grand Lodge of Michigan
  • Grand Lodge of New Jersey
  • Grand Lodge of New York
  • Grand Lodge of North Carolina
  • Grand Lodge of Ohio
  • Grand Lodge of South Dakota
  • Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
  • Grand Chapter OES of New York
  • Grand Chapter York Rite of Massachussets
  • Grand Council of Massachussets
  • Grand Commandery of Massachussets


“I contracted with Enable Labs for their MORI membership management system. I was very impressed with the analytical problem solving approach of Mark Menard. We required additional enhancements to the system and all was delivered on time and on budget. I can say that this was the best experience I have ever had with software development."

Michael DeWolf, Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Masons in Wisconsin

"I just want you to know that the initialization of Dues and member types have been completed and up loaded to MORI. The whole process went very smoothly. I am really getting to like the new system. Thanks for all your help."

Dick Callan, Secretary
Wildwood Lodge # 477
Edwards, NY

“Mark and his team developed and provided a membership management database for our organization, which has more than 100,000 members and more than 500 local lodges. The benefits of his program have revolutionized our data collection and preservation processes. Our local and state leaders love the program; our auditors are receiving better information; and our staff is able, with this technology, to save money on a variety of projects. Mark's cooperation and technical savvy have made these benefits possible for us. We are truly pleased."

George Braatz, Grand Secretary Emeritus
Grand Lodge of Masons in Ohio


Up to 25,000

$0.10 / member / month

25,001 to 50,000

$2,500 + $0.08 / member / month over 25,000 members

50,001 to 75,000

$4,500 + $0.06 / member / month over 50,000 members

Over 75,001

$6,000 + $0.04 / member / month over 75,000 members

The rates are inclusive of all MORI services, data migration, customization of member event models and more. There is no upfront setup charge in our default plans, but for larger jurisdictions we offer a permanent $0.02 / member / month discount for paying an upfront $10,000 setup charge. This setup charge is completely optional, but it makes sense for some larger jurisdictions.

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